Personal Analyst
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The Power of Computerized Market Analysis....
Personal Analyst puts a multitude of classic charting and analysis tools at your fingertips. Individual investors and professional traders alike love the Computer Generated Trendlines that automatically track and chart significant highs and lows. This same intelligence automatically draws Fibonacci, Gann, Trident Linear Regression and Speed Lines. Personal preferences for study smoothing and display characteristics are stored independently for each security, allowing this simple to operate, sophisticated research resource to be customized to your unique specifications.

Comparison chart

Powerful, Innovative Features include:

  • Candle Pattern Analysis... Yes, Personal Analyst will identify significant candle patterns on chart with pop-up explanations providing invaluable instruction to the novice and confirmation to the expert.
  • Technical Screening...Screen your lists imagine your software searching your list for securities with volume greater than average volume, that are within 90% of their 12 month highs and whose RSI value is less than 30. Now imagine that you have this capability with dozens of rankings and virtually unlimited control of the criteria used and the order of preference. Stop imagining, it's all here and it is as easy to set-up and use as font controls in a word processor.
  • Computer Generated Ratings... apply multiple technical studies to your list of securities en masse, producing numerical ratings that can be used to find trading opportunities.
  • Classic Charting... From Point and Figure to Semilog scaling, Japanese Candlestick to traditional bar, Analyst does it all with the speed, precision and flexibility you need.
  • Innovative Features... like EquiView, Compare and General Market charts found only in our products. EquiView displays two years of prices on the same security on the same chart. Perfect for viewing seasonal tendencies. Compare displays 1 to 4 separate securities on the same chart for comparison. Our General Market charts display an advance-decline line, up volume versus down volume, the TRIN, McClellan Oscillator and McClellan Summation Index. And analytics developed by Trendsetter like our True Range Oscillator, CycleFinder, Trendsetter Momentum Index and Computer Generated Trendlines give you the edge over other traders and investors.
Candle pattern identification built in

Master Analysis - The Trader's Edge
Our Master analysis report summarizes the day from a technical perspective. Better than having your personalized financial section in the newspaper! The report shows how each of your securities performed today, including the values of the most widely used technical tools, whether there were any new candle patterns and the results of Analyst's rating systems. At the end of the report is a summary of the top ten gainers, losers and volume leaders, based on your portfolio!

Gainers and losers

Flexible AND Easy to Use
Nearly every facet of our charting and analysis is user-selectable. Personal preferences for smoothing and display characteristics are stored independently for each security. Custom layouts "remember" every aspect of your personal design. With unlimited charts per layout and dozens of indicators per chart, the combinations are endless. Shift from one layout to another in seconds. Personal Analyst will get you from point A to B to C before your competition has even warmed up.

The Tools You Need To Succeed
From Gann to Fibonacci, Larry Williams to Alexander Elder, Donald Lambert to Marc Chaiken, its all here, including our own proprietary indicators, a financial calculator and an Options Valuation Calculator based on the Nobel Prize winning Black-Scholes model.

Black-Scholes option calculator

Technical Analysis Studies

• Accumulated Distribution ADX and ADXR
• Andrews Pitchfork • Average True Range
• Bollinger Bands • Block Trade Monitor
Candle Pattern Analysis • Commodity Channel Index
Computer Generated Trend Lines Directional Movement Index
• Envelope Channel • Exponential Moving Averages
• Fast Stochastics • Fibonacci Arcs
• Fibonacci Fan Lines Fibonacci Ratios
• Fibonacci Time Lines Fibonacci Time Lines
• Force Index • Gann Angles
• Gann Lines • Keltner Channels
Linear Regression MACD Double Line
• MACD Histogram • On Balance Volume
Parabolics • Percent R
Rate of Change • Relative Strength Index
• Simple Moving Averages • Slow Stochastics
• Speed Lines StochRSI
• Three Ring Reversals Trendsetter Movement Index
• Trendsetter Strength Index • Trident
TRIX True Range Oscillator
Ultimate Oscillator • Volume Accumulation
• Volume Bars • Weighted Moving Averages

All of our current software products require an Intel based Macintosh running
any version of OS X including macOS Mojave (10.14).

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